I wrote and published a book this past March. It was the culmination of over 15 years of writing and reviewing rock bands on my blog "powerpopaholic.com." The internet, while easy to access and search does not feel the same as the written word on a printed page, so I began my journey to become a self-published author. I spent most of the previous year writing and compiling existing material for the book during Covid lockdown. 

Once I invested the funds needed in copy editing and printing it was then time to start selling. Without a big publishing house, getting my book in major stores wasn't going to happen - so I got it in an independent bookseller. Unfortunately, Book Revue in Huntington closed after having it on the shelf for a few months. On 9/15/21 in RVC, Noble Grand Ryan Kelly graciously allowed me to present my book for sale to the brothers after the meeting. I offered the book at a discount and was very thankful for the support of my brothers as it became a "book signing" event. For more info about the book itself visit: http://powerpopaholic.com/songs-stuck-in-my-head 

Aaron Kupferberg

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