As shown in the current issue of GQ Magazine. We have a photo of Jack White (White Stripes) and Brendan Benson, who are members of the super-hot rock band The Raconteurs. As you see, in the blow up of the photo Jack is holding the IOOF Guide to Odd Fellowship manual. So, are the Raconteurs also Odd Fellows? The GQ article does not mention anything about it - however it makes a good recruiting image! Thanks to Mike Zurrell for finding this one.

Remember, next meeting is our last one before summer break, Wed. June 21 - we will finalize our RVC Street Fair plans. The Hercules pens have arrived! Brothers who attend our next meeting will get a FREE pen. These huge pens WILL get us noticed around the community!

Photo by Keiron O'Connor

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  1. Charlie Kettles9:18 AM

    Hi Bro's
    I'm in the area for awhile and I was wondering about your next meeting date, but on reading further I see you are off until fall.
    Is Mineola still holding meetings in the summer?
    I just returned from the GL of Quebec Sessions last weekend and have a few outher meetings this week and next and was hoping to see some of the bro's again.
    Bro. Charlie, DGM
    PG of VT